1 cup spinach or power green blend 

1 scoop vanilla whey protein 

1/2 ripe medium banana (frozen works best)

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tbsp almond butter 

1/2 cup ice 

Dash of Cinnamon

  • ADD THIS FOR WEIGHT GAIN SMOOTHIE: +½ cup oats + 1 tbsp of almond butter + Extra Calories: 245 I Protein 10 I Carbs: 30 I Fat: 11


Throw all of the ingredients into a Vitamix, or your favorite blend. Blend until all fruit and ice are completely combined. You add or delete your favorite fruit in the recipe. 

Tip: Buy extra bananas or fruit when shopping so you always have frozen fruit on hand! 

Calories: 289 I Protein: 26 I Carbs: 23 I Fat: 11